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A weekend in Athens – Oikeio Restaurant

Going away to Athens for a weekend, I asked my Greek friend, Chrysa,  to recommend me her favorites restaurants in Athens. Who would you trust more on eating out in Athens than a local?  

The first place she suggested was Oikeion, which is her favorite downtown restaurant in Athens. Located in Kolonaki (which means Little Column in greek) – the most chic and upmarket district in the city – Oikeion was definitely a pleasant surprise. When I got off the taxicab and got a first glance of the restaurant, I knew this was my type of place.



A view from the outside. It has a nice outdoor area with tables on the sidewalk.





Even though Oikeio is one of the hottest spots in Athens, it is cozy and unpretentious. Best of all, it serves homemade typical Greek cuisine with a touch of creativity at reasonable prices. The staff is friendly and willing to assist you on any request you might have.



This is a closer view of the outside.







This is a cute romantic corner of the restaurant’s inside. 







Another glance at the inside of the place.






This is the cozy bar. 





Now let’s get serious….

Greek salad with feta  cheese (it is served whole, neither crumbled nor sliced!), tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, slices of white onions, sweet green pepper strips, plenty of olive oil (no vinegar), and oregano. They also added capers, which is a variation from the traditional version.

Contrary to what we think, this salad does not have any type of leafy vegetable such as lettuce.



Meatballs wrapped in cabbage leaves with an egg lemon sauce. This dish was totally recommended by the staff.

In spite of the fact that the sauce had eggs (I though it tasted too much like egg), it was rich, velvety, and had the tanginess of lemon!





No space for dessert, but I has some Ouzo (an anise-flavored liquor)!





I paid a total of 24.00 euros, which included a glass of white wine and water.

Oikeion: Ploutarchou 15 & Alopekis, Kolonaki, tel. +30 210 7259216










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