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Hanging out at Monastiraki – O Thanasis

According to Greek Mythology, ambrosia was the food of the gods. In Athens, to me, ambrosia meant souvlaki !!!! Therefore, I invoked Athena – the goddess of wisdom – to pave me the way to one of the best souvlaki spots before leaving Athens. Since Athena is also the goddess of strategy, she guided me to Monastiraki, a charming area near the famous Athenian flea markets.

Walking down the streets of Monastiraki, I came across a very crowded place named O Thanasis, a local favorite souvlaki spot.


I sat next to a nice greek couple, with whom I soon began a nice conversation.

Since they are usual customers, they highly recommended me to order Thanasis Kebap, which was also suggested by the cheerful waiter.




This is the signature dish: Thanasis Kebap: 4 juicy ground beef and lamb skewers cooked to perfection on top of the softest pita bread, topped with grilled tomatoes and sliced onions (Did I mention that these are the sweetest onions I have ever had?). All sprinkled with sweet paprika and fresh parsley.


Even though the Thanasis Kebap does not come with a sauce (the waiter assured me this dish is eaten without it), you can order Tzatziki, which is a sauce made of strained yoghurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, and salt. I saw some Athenians order some french fries  (chips) and dipped them into Tzatziki instead!



No wonder this place is always packed. 





Besides the Thanasis Kebap, I ordered a coke, paying a total of 10.00 euros.

O Thanasis, Mitropoleos 69, Monastiraki,  tel: +30 210 3244705

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