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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, strawberries and cream gelato


I don’t know about you, but when Spring arrives, I become lazy (well ..let’s put it this way…I am lazy but I become even lazier!). And yet, I am still that food snob (not foodie please!) who’s willing to travel all the way down from Rome to Modena to get the real deal: Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena -TBVM-, the right name for this luscious, fascinating potion.

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Strawberry and crème fraîche parfait with rapadura sugar

While living in Honduras, I often traveled by car from my hometown city San Pedro Sula to the capital city Tegucigalpa. Since the trip was exhausting, we used to stop for breakfast in Siguatepeque, a city along the highway about halfway between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.

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Spring farro salad

Since Spring will officially end on June 20 and we are beginning to find in markets early Summer produce, I want to still profit from Spring veggies before they are no longer available!!!

As Spring arrives and brings us the warmth of the first rays of sunshine to the streets of Rome, we  embrace mother nature’s gift during this season: the freshness of the air, the smell and brightness of flowers (in Rome you particularly feel the smell of jasmines!!), the green grass, the extended daylight, crisp blue skies, and beautiful weather.

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Baby lamb chops with spinach and hummus

Last week I was craving for lamb  (I absolutely love lamb!!). As a result,  I went  to my trusted butcher and asked him for some lamb chops. To my disappointment, he only had baby lamb chops available but since my craving was so strong, I decided to buy them.  (Look forward for my post about my one and only butcher on my Shopping section).

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Veal with asparagus and fava bean coulis

It’s Springtime in Rome!  This is the season to taste  asparagus, fava beans, zucchini flowers, artichokes, mint, and strawberries (yummy!). Unfortunately, Spring produce does not last long so you have to make the most out of Spring harvest products before Summer’s produce arrives into markets!

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Chicken with carrot lemon sauce and green onions

Today I was planning to cook a chicken entrée. I then popped into the organic food store near home, and stood in front the vegetable shelves for a while, thinking about which ingredients would be best for my dish.

There were fennels, chicory, different type of tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, fava beans, radicchio, etc. I saw some beautiful green onions, and I thought these were excellent for my chicken course. I love grilled or sautéed green onions since they have a sweet taste. However, I needed another ingredient and carrots seemed a perfect pair.

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Lunch at Trevignano

Trevignano is a beautiful village surrounding Bracciano Lake. It is located approximately 35 kilometers North of Rome.

Trevignano is one of the three villages surrounding Bracciano Lake (the other two are Bracciano and Anguillara).

One of the things I love from Trevignano is the walking trail along the peaceful banks of the lake, where you walk by the nature and small cafés.

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