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Lunch at Trevignano

Trevignano is a beautiful village surrounding Bracciano Lake. It is located approximately 35 kilometers North of Rome.

Trevignano is one of the three villages surrounding Bracciano Lake (the other two are Bracciano and Anguillara).

One of the things I love from Trevignano is the walking trail along the peaceful banks of the lake, where you walk by the nature and small cafés.



One of my favorite places to eat is Grotta Azzurra, a small family run restaurant featuring a charming terrace and garden.






This is a view of the cozy garden, where you can have your meal while experiencing a beautiful lake view.





 The menu includes fresh seasonal  produce and seafood from the lake.

This delicious appetizer was made of stuffed zucchini with ricotta and herbs, and with asparagus and shaved pecorino romano.





Pasta with rucola, lightly sautéed diced tomatoes, and tossed with grated pecorino romano. Need to add more?





 This is an ambrosial dish: tacconi (a long flat pasta type) with asparagus white ragù.

The ragù included: tiny little bits of pancetta, carrots, pine nuts, and tarragon.




 Our  last course ( secondo piatto): Luccio con olive taggiasche e capperi.

This is a typical mediterranean recipe: Luccio (a lake fish), taggiasche olives (a small type of olive from the Italian Ligurian Riviera), capers, diced tomatoes, and fresh oregano leaves.






The wine we drank was Attems Pinot Bianco  from Friuli.





We shared the appetizer, ordered two pasta courses, and two second courses. The whole meal – including a bottle of wine, bottled water,  and two coffees – cost 70 euros.


Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 18, Trevignano Romano, Italy, +39 (0)6 9999420


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