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Spring farro salad

Since Spring will officially end on June 20 and we are beginning to find in markets early Summer produce, I want to still profit from Spring veggies before they are no longer available!!!

As Spring arrives and brings us the warmth of the first rays of sunshine to the streets of Rome, we  embrace mother nature’s gift during this season: the freshness of the air, the smell and brightness of flowers (in Rome you particularly feel the smell of jasmines!!), the green grass, the extended daylight, crisp blue skies, and beautiful weather.

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Zucchini towers

I usually go to the market at lunch break since I don’t have time to shop for fresh vegetables and fruit in the morning (I am also too lazy to get up early!!!).  Looking for some interesting ingredients for tonight’s dinner,  I found some beautiful round zucchinis, my main ingredient for my appetizer. I also bought some yellow peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Let’s see what I came up with…

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